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Public Release (PSA) thur apr 21- 2011-5:30pm PST

DuneRiders ATV has announced participation in this years 2011 SandFest race activities as one of numerous exclusive vendors.  They will be there in Full-Force to provide rentals of all makes & models, tour & escort services, and minor servicing of public OHV's for visiting patrons/riders. Truly a professional effort on their part.

Breaking News tue apr 26- 2011-11:30am PST

As proud sponsors, DuneRiders ATV Sales & Rentals has developed a 2 girl race team and will be one of many contenders trying to win the crown in this years EXHIBITION RACE.  Come witness this exhilarating race as the girls battle for the "Best in the West" covenant award!

2010 Champions- Zen Pro Racing

The Contenders- Dune Riders ATV, SSI Las Chicas, MotoCandy, Motoworld

media coverage by Sand Sports Magazine, Swimsuit Illustrated & Zenitram Productions



Sand Sports Magazine mon may 9- 2011- 11:30am PST

SandFest's exclusive feature in Sand Sports Magazine, Sept issue 2010, highlights the exclusive event and riding experiences with interviews event operations and a list of those that made it happen.  Order your back issue today or come by and get an autographed copy from the reigning champions- the Zen Pro Girls Race Team.

Also exclusive riding pictorial in one of the largest sand dune recreational area in the nations western frontier.




10 Steps To Race Prep (Or Ride Prep)

1. Clean your air filter. Locate your airbox (usually under your seat), and remove the lid. If you've never done this, your filter will probably be the filthy object clamped inside of the airbox. Remove filter and replace lid to keep out debris. Spray the filter with filter cleaner or a Simple Green-type product and let it soak for five minutes; hose the filter from the inside out until it's free of oil and gunk; let dry 2. Oil your air filter. Once the filter is completely dry, coat it with filter oil. Please note that foam filters and K&N-style filters use different types of oil. Paper filters should be replaced entirely
3. Check your tire pressure. This is pretty self-explanatory. Remove your valve stem cap, check the tire pressure, add or remove air according to the tire's specs. Adjust all four tires. If you decide not to, you risk an ill-handling quad or even flats 4. Check your lug nuts. Tighten all of the lug nuts; they don't have to be gorilla tight, just regular human tightness will do. This step is important, as you don't want those wheels working their way loose while out riding
5. Check your oil level, if you race, and change your oil and filter. Each machine varies in the steps necessary to perform an oil level check; where they don't vary is that the steps necessary are always listed in your owner's manual. Our best advice would be to follow those instructions. If you race your machine, you should change the oil and filter after every race 6. Check your coolant. This one is simple if your machine is liquid-cooled; merely open the top of the radiator and fill 'er up. We recommend consistency in your coolant type or brand. Many aftermarket coolants are incompatible
7. Finger-check all visible bolts. You would be surprised at the number of things that rattle loose on your ATV. The best way to avoid a missing-bolt-related incident is to perform a basic finger tightness test; if they move, tighten them 8. Check your fuel and fuel filter. Take the time to check the fuel. I won't insult your intelligence with steps on this one
9. Lube your chain. A can of chain lube will go a long way in extending a chain's life. Simply coat the entire chain after every wash or before every ride. WD-40 or a good penetrating lube such as Maxima's MPPL will do 10. Adjust your controls (i.e., levers, handlebar and brake pedal). Sit on your machine and make sure each and every control is easily reachable when in your riding position. Most perches and controls are held in place by either two Phillips head screws or 8mm bolts. Loosen, adjust and retighten.